Apurba Mandal - Journal Publications
(Mechanical Engineering)
Journal Publications
Year Author(s) Title Journal Name Indexing Quality Impact Factor
2023 Kumar, D., Biswas, A., Mandal, A., & Kumar, R. Improvement of Welding Performance on Mild Steel by a Hybrid TIG-MAG Welding Technique. International Journal of Steel Structures, 1-12. Scopus Q2 1.5
2023 Kumar, D., & Mandal, A. Response surface method-based optimisation of advanced mechanochemical approach for bead minimisation in bamboo fiber extraction, and improving hydrophobicity via diisopropanolamine treatment Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-17. SCI Q1 4.1
2022 Kumar, D., & Mandal, A. Review on manufacturing and fundamental aspects of laminated bamboo products for structural applications. Construction and Building Materials, 348, 128691. SCI Q1 7.4
2021 Gupta N, Vyas V. K, Mandal A. Studies of Substitution Effect of B2O3 on Structure and Properties of 1393 Bioactive Glass Orient J Chem 2021;37(6). SCI Q1 0.5
2018 K. Patel, S.P. Singh, A. Mandal Role of Cross-linking on Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin-a Molecular Dynamic Simulation Study & 02 ISME Journal of Mechanics and Design http://ismej.iitd.ac.in/mechanicsanddesign/files/publish/published-pdf-3-6-PAPER_Vol2%20Issue2%20Paper%201.pdf
2018 A. Mandal, S.P. Singh and R. Prasad Behaviour of Polypropylene Under Stress Relaxation and Dynamic Loading Using Molecular Dynamics & 35 Journal of Polymer Materials : An International Journal Scopus Q2 0.377
2016 A. Mandal, S.P. Singh and R. Prasad Dynamic mechanical characterization of CNT–PP nanocomposites & 66 Journal of Molecular Modelling SCI Q2 2.2